What They Said

“And I love the songs Bill, great playing and writing/arranging. I think you’ll really enjoy the mixing and production I’ve been doing to them, I treat them like their mine own since I like them so much! It’s sounding amazing! I hope you can get it to the masses, cause I think it would do well…”
TJ Helmerich, USA (virtuoso guitarist and engineer)

“M8, your material is awesome — great stuff!”
Mark Holden, Australia (former Australian Idol judge)

“Your music and playing is exceptional for the genre and style…”
Karen Lee Goody, Australia (Entertainment Consulting Group)

“Hi Bill, had a listen to your tunes, they sound great. Really well put together, nice playing too. It’s always good to hear from someone doing instrumental guitar and doing it well…”
Paul Wardingham, Australia (award winning producer and guitarist)

“Wow man you really surprised me. Your music grabbed my full attention after about 30 seconds, great great stuff. I’m a metal head myself with a fancy for almost anything original and I give your stuff a 10/10. Truly entertaining to hear, keep it up!”
Josh Krogstad, USA

“Hey Bill, love your stuff, you are a brilliant guitarist…”
Michael Martin, Australia

“Firstly can I say is WOW. Your music is amazing. I had a listen to your songs and was blown away…”
Erica Stone, Australia

“Hi Bill. You have monster tones! Great playing too and fresh sounding tunes, cool stuff…”
David Stockden, UK

“Hi Bill, I checked out your site and I love your stuff. It’s always a pleasure for me to see someone who can shred like that but who understands the space between the notes as well, lovely stuff indeed, mate…”
Neil Coombe, Australia (Whiteroom Studios)

“Great playing man!”
Milan Polak, Germany

“Hi Bill, I’ve just got the book that I ordered from you. This appears to give me, in one book, all the information that I have been piecing together from lots of others! Fantastic! I am currently studying jazz guitar under the guidance of Charles Alexander. Do you have any other books that I can buy? Thanks for a great book…”
Harry, UK

“I have received my Concepts of Jazz book. My daughters have looked over it and commented they wish they had it last week (we had year 11 and 12 assessment tasks due) however it does appear to be a very successful addition to our Jazz Library, thank you again”
Karen, Australia