Composition for Media

Bill has experience composing music for a range of media including TV, film, advertisements, gear demonstrations and more. His music has received sync placements throughout Australia, New Zealand and internationally. The following links provide examples of Bill’s dynamic range and versatility as a composer for media —

Melodie Music Publishing

Film Score Samples

Product Demonstrations

This is my music scored to Season 9 of “The Walking Dead” by AMC. I’ve gone for strong thematic material underscored with piano and percussion instrumentation. I wanted to give the listener identifiable melodic cues to associate with the visuals.

The simple piano based arpeggio works to ground the listener as the synthesiser melody “floats” on top, coinciding with the panoramic scenery. As the viewer encounters more grounded and woody terrain, the cello features before the visuals zoom out again.

This piece attempts to capture the solemnness of a spiritual setting. Instrumentation featured includes the Arabic kanun, German zither, medieval lute and harp, piano harmonics and more.

The footage here is from a virtual Mars flyby and what better way to accompany this than with some big synthesisers? The sweeping sounds give weight to the images and transport the listener to another dimension.

The one-minute composition features a simple synthesiser backing with additional layers of drums and orchestral percussion instrumentation on top.

This composition harkens back to the 1980’s and the rise of 8-bit gaming consoles. Created with simple synthesisers using basic waveforms, this piece feels right at home with your favourite platform-style gaming experience.

This is a happy go lucky musical theme suitable for a children’s TV show or similar. The bright sounds featured incl. banjo, dobro, mandolin and piano accordion.